Musn’t Grumble

I’ve done two full days of the G plan diet and my body is just starting to realise exactly what’s going on. The lack of caffeine and sugar is starting to kick in and I’ve crawled into bed at 8pm this evening. Granted I’m not asleep, but I’m not fit for much else either. The fatigue and headaches are all part of my body adjusting to my new lifestyle. I just have to ride out a couple more days and then, according to the book,  I’ll feel fantastic!

Alongside following the diet plan, I am reading Lysa Terkeurst’s “Made to Crave.” This book has already had a significant impact on the way I view my current choice to lead a healthier lifestyle. In the past, my family has always been very aware that I am dieting. I’ve let them know when I feel like I’m missing out and at times I have to admit that I’ve grumbled and moaned when I have not been able to eat the same things as them.

This time feels different!

Do everything without complaining and arguing…

Philippians 2:14

Why would I complain and grumble about something that is going to bring me life and health and make me feel so much better?

“Musn’t grumble” is the way forward. No one is forcing me to do this. It’s a choice I’m making. I will definitely need God’s strength to sustain it, but He’s sustained me in so many other areas of my life, why not this one?

“Moment by moment we have a choice to live in our own strength and risk failure or to reach across the gap and grab hold of God’s unwavering strength. And the beautiful thing is, the more dependent we become on God’s strength, the less enamoured we are with other choices.”

Lysa Terkeurst – Made to Crave

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